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Why Is Pediatric Organ Donation Important for Parents to Discuss?

With over 100,000 people waiting for organ transplants, little focus has been given to the children in need of organ donations. The transplant waiting list has more than 2,000 children waiting for organs, according to the federal Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.*

We never want to think about the loss of our children; it is the hardest situation to ever imagine. But, to save other children’s lives, it is very important that parents, health-care professionals, and educators learn to have open conversations about
the benefits of pediatric organ donations.

Over 1,000 children a year die in fatal accidents or by illness. These children have the potential to be organ donors and save the lives of other children.

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Parents Recognize Need but Are Reluctant to Act Study Shows

One study shows that parents recognize that pediatric organ donation helps save the lives of other children. Yet, only a small percentage said they would like to learn more. They also stated that they would prefer to learn about organ donation from their pediatrician or from an organ donor organization.**

When families make a commitment to discuss and build a stronger awareness of pediatric organ donation in advance of a tragedy, the likelihood of donation is greatly increased.

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