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A Beacon of Hope
A Light of Love

The Lane Thomas Foundation

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Lane Thomas

Meet Lane Thomas

Lane was a beaming, spirited and loving child who always referred to himself by his first and middle names, Lane Thomas. Parents Matt and Melissa and their daughter Ella established The Lane Thomas Foundation as an enduring way to remember the light and hope he brought to the world.


Support Families


SUPPORT: To provide financial assistance to support families of children undergoing solid organ transplants, allowing them to focus on their child and keep their family together.

EDUCATION: To improve public awareness and understanding for increased organ donation to ultimately save children’s lives.

RESEARCH: To support research activities that obviate the need for organ transplantation to save children’s lives.

children are waiting for an organ in the U.S.
children died in 2017 waiting for an organ donation
lives can be saved from a donor

Help Save Lives

Be prepared. Talk with your family about donation and what you would want for yourself and your children in the event of a tragedy.

The greatest needs are:

  • Under the age of 1: liver and heart
  • Age 1-10: kidney, liver, and heart
  • Age 11-17: kidney and liver

Learn about organ donation
Register to be an organ donor

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of heart, lung, and kidney transplants in children are successful
of adults support donation
of adults are signed up to donate organs

Take The Pledge

Become an advocate for pediatric organ donation. In 2018, of the approximately 115,000 people who are on the waiting list for an organ transplant, nearly 2,000 are children.Having conversations as a family about donating organs before a tragic event happens can help save children’s lives! One organ donor can save up to 8 lives.

Will You Take The Pledge With Us?

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You Are Not Alone

The Lane Thomas Foundation is ready to support your family by covering non-medical expenses during your transplant journey.

Melissa and Matt Graves know what it’s like to go through a very traumatic experience. They want to provide resources, so that you can focus solely on your child and keep your family together.

Currently the Foundation supports families from across the United States coming to Omaha, Nebraska through their partnerships with Nebraska Medicine and Children's Hospital and Medical Center. The Foundation continues to evaluate expanding their partnerships with transplant centers in other parts of the United States.

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